Projects for the Autumn

We have found that if we want to get any ‘structural’ work done on the allotment it is best to use Autumn well. Once the wet weather really sets in rainy weekends can make full days of construction difficult. Spring is far from ideal for projects – you need to be planting so time spent in Autumn is very valuable.

Compost bins reconstructed with new lids – completed over the last 2 weeks.

For this Autumn we have a few projects on the go!

1. We are getting a polytunnel! In order to do this we have had to relocate (and re-construct) all the compost bays including moving about 8 tonnes of compost or half-composted material. We took the opportunity to ‘pimp up’ the composting bays with sturdy lids.

2. Lack of supplies during Lockdown put a stopper to the final stages of the summerhouse construction. We need to make it look pretty on the outside by adding corner pieces and a fascia to the roof and another couple of coats of black woodstain.

3. The two coldframes need the inside cladding and glass framed lids building.

If you have an allotment, what do you have planned?