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    Plot 5b: what does it take to transform a ‘half plot’?

    Plot 5b – Before and After

    What does it take to clear 125 sqm of growing space (a half plot)?

    • 4 days of hacking out brambles/raspberries, rough clearing and covering.
    • 25 hours of digging out perennial weeds = 2x 1 ton builders bags full of couch/bindweed roots, creeping buttercup and strawberry runners to rot down. Spread over 3 weeks.
    • 3 days laying a base and putting up a greenhouse
    • Another 3-4 days building coldframes, laying flags and raised beds.

    In Dec 2019 we took on Plot 5b. This is our 4th plot (2.5 plots in total). The plan is that we may give up one of the other half plots once we have 5b established. It is so much more convenient to have plots right next to each other so when this half plot came up with snapped up the opportunity.