• Growing

    Growing to avoid Leek Moth

    Leek Moth is a pest that has, only quite recently, reached Britain from Europe. Over the last few years the pest has been moving North throughout the UK. Leek moth damage was first seen on our allotments in Manchester 2017 where it devastated crops for many plotholders including ourselves!

    In this video I discuss the biology of the Leek moth and how we use environmesh and pheromone traps to avoid leek moth damage.

    In this video I discuss how we use enviromesh and pheromone traps to avoid Leek Moth.
  • Making

    Recycling to make some signs

    I recently acquired a trim router as I had been looking at making some signs.

    I had two types of wood, both recycled, one was a disassembled pine bread bin recovered from a skip and the other was some oak flooring planks that our neighbours were replacing.

    I realised why I was struggling to see the lines when routing. I now know to keep the “window” of the router facing me so I can see what’s going on at the cutter.

    Not bad for a first attempt, maybe a bit rustic, but that gives them a bit of charm. More practice needed.

  • Cooking

    Online communities to share recipes

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    We can all pick up a cook book or google a recipe, but there is something nice about finding (and sharing) those prized ideas that work for real people. Groups that share recipes online are everywhere. In many respects there are just too many to choose from!

    Here are my top five Facebook groups where you can share your wonderful home cooking recipes.

  • Growing

    September tour of the plot

    After quite a stressful week it was great to get down to the plot! The second crops we started in July are doing well. September is still peak cropping time for us so it is very busy. In this video we give a full tour of all three plots.

    We take a tour around our allotment plots at the beginning of September looking at what crops have done well and what hasn’t.