Creamy Garlic Courgette & Cucumber Soup

Courgette and Cucumber may not be your first thought when thinking about making soup, but they have a great texture and absorb other flavours well.

This is a good way to use overgrown courgettes or those end of season cucumbers you left on the vine a little too long -freezes well. I would peel the skin on the cucumbers/courgettes if it is a little tough. If not, it does add some nice darker green flecks in the soup which I quite like. I would have liked to add some parsley, but it was all at the plot and it was chucking it down with rain!

1 cucumber
1 courgette (large)
3 medium potatoes (peeled)
1 small onion
1 garlic clove
1 litre of vegetable stock
2 tablespoons cream cheese (I used garlic and herb flavour)
Salt & pepper to season

Note: Don’t worry about amounts – it is a soup – throw it in, taste and add extra bits if needed.