Hi, we are Rachel and Anthony. We have been growing our own food for about 15 years. At first we experimented with herbs and a few crops in pots, but then we quickly realised that we would need more room.

A family friend asked for some help on his local allotment and then we really got the bug!

Over the years we have cleared, and tended, a few different plots. We currently have one full plot and two half plots. These total around 500 square metres of growing space.

We are based in Manchester (UK) and our plot is on Granville Park Allotments.

You can see a discussion about our growing space on our Youtube Channel:

Allotmenteering is pretty far from our day jobs where I work as a Physiotherapist and Anthony works in IT. Anthony likes to use his technical skills to build various structures and I like to make sure this really is a challenge by collecting recycled items to keep him busy! I enjoy cooking and we both have a shared love in our big ginger fluffy cat called Basil.

At home we have a reasonable sized garden were we enjoy relaxing, outdoor entertaining, playing with Basil and looking after our 8 cheeky hens.