• Growing

    Updated tour of our full growing space

    Over the last 12-18 months there has been much change to our growing space including erecting a polytunnel and fruitcage, a complete overhaul of one half plot and clearing of a new half plot.

    Take a look at our full growing space – 500 square metres over 3 separate allotment plots.

  • Growing

    Planting plans for 2021

    Always start with a plan! Click the image for our full planting plan for 2021 covering the three plots.

    Nothing ever stands still for an allotmenteer. Every year brings reflection, change, new ideas and challenges to overcome. Over the last 12 months there has been pretty big changes in our growing areas. We have dropped the tenancy for one of the half plots (1b), cleared and cultivated the new half plot (5b) and made a complete overhaul of the layout and structure of plot 2b including putting up a fruit cage and polytunnel.

    What are the plans for this year? What are we doing differently and what do we hope to achieve?