• Growing

    Growing perennial vegetables

    We are all familiar with growing fruit as perennials and most plots have rhubarb, fruit bushes and fruit trees. However, how many of us grow perennial vegetables? One common perennial vegetable grown on allotments is asparagus. This week my first asparagus spear poked through! (I planted an asparagus bed last spring).

    Here are some examples of other vegetables that you can plant once and can supply your kitchen for years: Food for thought!

  • Making

    Inside the summerhouse

    The summerhouse is a new addition to the plot which was completed over Winter 2019. We had a smaller summerhouse, but decided to take it apart to build a slightly bigger one. With help from a fellow allotmenteer we used recycled the existing summerhouse and with additional materials created this little beauty. Everything was recycled where possible including the furnishings inside.

    Outside we still have a bit to finish on the roof and need to put cornerpieces on top of the cladding.

  • Growing

    Weeds: Couch Grass

    Couch grass

    Couch grass (also known as quick, quitch, cooch and witchgrass) is a very common perennial weed. This grass forms large seed heads which are a good source of food for many native birds, but within a flower garden or vegetable patch it can be very invasive.

  • Growing

    Maintaining the edges of grass paths

    Many allotment plots are surrounded by communal grass paths. You may or may not have responsibility for maintaining these, but you can make it much easier for yourself if you can keep on top of keeping neat edges. Grass (or weedy) paths will infill into your growing area producing competition. It is also quite a timely procedure trying to weed grass out from around your precious crops!

  • Growing

    Flea beetles

    Picture credit: W.S. Cranshaw, Colorado State University

    There are many species of flea beetle and not all of them are pests in the garden. However, some species of flea beetle like to attack brassicas (particularly radishes, turnip, swede and salad leaves like rocket). They are also partial to flowers such as wallflowers and stocks.

  • Growing

    Greenhouse update: flowers & veg

    Due to the coronavirus we are very restricted with time we can spend at the allotment so we are starting all our seedlings in the greenhouse at home. Our main job recently has been to start sowing veg seeds and to prick out all the annual bedding flowers.