Maintaining the edges of grass paths

Many allotment plots are surrounded by communal grass paths. You may or may not have responsibility for maintaining these, but you can make it much easier for yourself if you can keep on top of keeping neat edges. Grass (or weedy) paths will infill into your growing area producing competition. It is also quite a timely procedure trying to weed grass out from around your precious crops!

If you can maintain straight lines you can quickly strim or mow the paths regularly and it is a very quick job.

Here are the different ways we edge our plots.

  1. A clean edge made with a spade or lawn edger.
  2. Edged with a plank.
  3. Raised bed right up to the path to create a straight edge

If you are clearing a new plot jobs like this in Spring can feel like the lowest priority, but they really are time savers throughout the growing season!