Tomato, courgette & chilli flatbreads

Flatbreads made with self raising flour and cooked on a griddle or cast iron pan are super easy, quick & cost pennies. You can make this type of flatbread straight from self raising flour and water, but adding some veggies and spice can really turn these into something special!


*3 tsp of passata (alternatively 2 tsp tomato puree and 1 tsp water or replace with chopped tomatoes or even tomato soup!)
*1 tsp salt
*3 chopped chillies
*200g grated courgette
*Approx 3 cups of self raising flour – add this slowly to form a dough that comes together. You may need extra for kneading.
*Vegetable oil for cooking

*Add tomato, chilli, salt & courgette to a bowl and mix
*Fold in flour until you can form a ball.
*Knead for about 2 minutes
*Roll into flatbreads of a size you choose – about 1cm thick is ideal.
*Heat up a very solid pan – it needs to hold the heat. I do this for about 3 minutes on high and then reduce the heat to low for cooking.
*Add 1tsp of oil and cook the bread until golden on 1 side (about 1 min) then flip and cook the other.


You are not trying to knead to increase the gluten – just to mix the ingredients in! The wet ingredients can be replaced with milk, yoghurt, any leftover soup – really anything to add flavour.

Replace chilli with fresh herbs or other spices – 1 tsp of curry powder or even paprika. You can really change this recipe around to suit your needs.

The breads are very similar to a naan bread texture – very light and spongy.

You can cook the breads without any oil if you wish, but the oil helps ensure an even rise.