My favourite ‘Grow Your Own’ Bloggers

At the end of last year, we were lucky to be awarded a prize as Kitchen Garden’s best blog/website for 2019. I was very humbled and surprised with this especially since there are so many other great bloggers out there. In this post I would like to share some great ‘Grow your Own’ blogs that I enjoy following. Take a look!

All these blogs are predominantly about ‘growing’, but some do have an element of ‘cooking’ and ‘making’ too! If you are interested in finding out about recipes, I have discussed ‘online community to share recipes’ in an earlier post.

Here I have linked to Facebook Groups, but most of these bloggers have websites, YouTube and presence on other social media channels also.

In no particular order:

  1. Mr Plant Geek – Michael Perry – a real character. This is the only blog on this list that is more (general) gardening rather than kitchen gardening, but this guy has some brilliant style. He is educating and entertaining so worth a follow.
  2. Rob’s Allotment – Rob was the winner of the ‘Great British Allotment Challenge’ a couple of years ago. He has a beautiful garden and a really cute dog too. Rob posts regularly with interesting content.
  3. Humans Who Grow Food – this is an international page featuring Kitchen Gardener’s from around the world. You can get lost for quite some time looking at very inspiring stories here. We were lucky to be featured on the page over Christmas which was great!
  4. Rekha’s Kitchen Garden – A lovely blogger who posts wonderful recipes and pictures of her produce on her allotment.
  5. Real Men Sow – good tips and down to earth advice.
  6. Grow like Grandad – inspired by his Grandad who was a professional gardener, Matt is a regular poster with lots of interesting discussion around allotmenteering, gardening, nature and the outdoors.
  7. Claire’s Allotment – Claire has a very active Youtube channel. Claire is good at breaking things down and discusses how she manages her growing in much detail.
  8. Byther Farm – Liz produces great videos showing how she manages her vegetable garden. I love Liz’s cat who likes to make appearances in her videos regularly!
  9. UKherewegrow – such a brilliant set up with a polytunnel and shed to die for! I love watching all these updates. Tony’s method of growing potatoes in buckets completely transformed the way we grow potatoes at Don’t Crop Me Now!