Courgette, pea & kale fritters with feta.

Courgette fritters (of variations) are one of my favourite early summer treats. However, this year I am still waiting for courgettes!! Shocking really as usually I am swimming in them by now. The cold period in the end of May/early June meant that all my squash and courgette plants have been sulking. They are just starting to pick up now (finally!); maybe in a few weeks I can join the cries of other allotmenteers of “Oh no, not another courgette!”

Yesterday an allotment neighbour kindly gave me some of her courgettes so I have made my first courgette fritters of the season – nom nom nom.

I use the same idea – binding veg with egg, a bit of flour and adding cheese to make a large variety of fritters – any veg, any cheese works. Experiment and just use what you have avaliable.

Served here with tomato, pickled beans and a chilli chutney.