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Corned beef hash with potatoes and root vegetables.

Winter is such a fab time for tasty veg on the allotment. One of my favourite winter vegetables are parsnips. Easy to grow (once you get them germinated!) and they can be stored in the ground right through till early Spring which means easy access to a great ingredient for winter cooking!

Last week I dug up this rather large parsnip. The variety is Gladiator which is very reliable. Grown in a ‘no dig’ bed, started in toilet rolls and transplanted – all the ‘no goes’ of traditional gardening methods! Another blog post maybe?

After a Sunday roast, and leftovers made into soup, I still had 3/4 of the beast left so I have a few meals planned this week to use the rest!

Firstly we have a corned beef hash with potatoes and root vegetables.

All amounts are approx. This is for 3-4 decent sized servings.

500g chopped potato
500g chopped parsnip
100g chopped swede
1 medium onion
1 tsp oil to saute onion
40g butter to saute hash
1 can corned beef

You could use more butter or oil if you wish. This is just about enough to get a nice flavour, but to limit the calorific intake!