Brussel Sprout Pate

Brussel Sprout Pate

Recently on the ‘Feed Yourself for £1 a day’ Facebook group there was a conversation about ‘Brussel Sprout Pate’. I do love sprouts, especially homegrown ones, so I thought I would have a go at making my own version.

The idea is to use cooked sprouts with soft cheese as a base. My version used brie with some pickles and some leftover kale too! Really quantities don’t matter too much here and everything could be ‘to taste’.

*Cooked Sprouts (200g)
*Cooked black kale (100g)
*Brie 150g
*Salted butter 50g
*Pickled gherkins 50g
*Salt and pepper to taste

Add all to the blender and pulse until smooth(ish).

The brie and brussels combination is a strong one so ricotta or soft cheese might be a milder version.

Once it had sat in the fridge overnight it really was quite tasty! I think it could make an interesting ‘sauce’ to stir through some pasta too!