Planting plan for 2020

I do love a bit of organising. One of my November jobs has always been to plan out my planting schemes for the next year. This gives me time to consider which seeds I need to order. I was super-organised with this and had completed my plan in September. However, having recently acquired plot 5b I have had to reconsider my layout so I had a look at the plans this morning.

I use excel to produce my plan – nice and simple and I have plans going back to 2008. This helps me to carefully plan rotation and is a good aid to memory. As my structure is saved within the excel file I can just amend any change to layout and then type where I will plant a crop in each box.

I draw this out on a blackboard on the back of my shed door to aid with planting, but keep a hard copy on my computer for future planning. I admit I don’t always rigidly stick to the plan and I don’t plan any second cropping; just putting this in as plants come out.

Click here for a large scale picture to show detail (Note this is a .pdf file)