Making Pectin stock from apples

Pectin is a soluble carbohydrate that is found naturally in fruits. At high temperatures, combined with sugar, this forms the setting agent for jam.

Fruits have different amounts of naturally occuring pectin – apples, gooseberries, currants (red/black/white), grapes and plums have relatively high natural pectin levels. Rhubarb, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries have much lower natural pectin levels.

This means that getting some jams to set can be much more ticky than others! An easier answer is to buy ‘jam sugar’. This has added pectin, but can be quite pricy. You can also buy pectin in liquid or crystalised forms.

However, making pectin stock from apples is very simple to do. It freezes well and is a perfect use for under ripe apples that fall from the trees in early summer.

I will post further updates with recipes for using homemade pectin stock to make a variety of preserves.