Making liquid plant feed from weeds

I have been contemplating making a system for producing liquid plant feed from comfrey for quite some time (well instructing Ant to do so). As part of our generous prize for winning the Kitchen Garden Blog/Website of the Year 2019 competition we have been lucky enough to have recieved some goodies in the post. One of these items was a Hozelock Pure BioMix bucket. Whoop!

Today we decided to get it out of the box and give this a try

Hozelock’s suggested recipes include:

  1. Nettle as a source nitrogen based feed to use on boost growth of young plants in spring.
  2. Comfrey as a source of potassium to promote formation of flowers/fruits during the main growing season.
  3. Bracken fern which is high in phosphorous and can act used as a natural spray to repeal aphids .
  4. Horsetail rich in sicica and mineral salts as a preventative for mildrew or fungal diseases.
  5. Dandelion as a growth stimulant for fruit trees.
  6. Lavender as a repellent for aphids and ants.

At the moment it just had a few random weeds to to see how it works. I will certainly be trying a few of these recipes in the Spring!