Growing figs from hardwood cuttings.

Fig cuttings set to root.

If you grow the right variety of fig they are much hardier than you would think! Figs do grow well in a Northern climate.

We have an established Brown Turkey tree which fruits impressively on our exposed allotment ground in Manchester. Around Christmas we sent out about 40 cuttings to share with fellow enthusiastic preservers on the Preserving and Canning UK Facebook Page. Some of them have reported they are rooting well. Figs are quite simple to grow from hardwood cuttings.

Here I have set some cuttings to root in damp coconut coir. Each cutting is wrapped with grafting tape to reduce water loss, giving them time to send out roots. The tub is covered with cling film for the same purpose. I have this set on the heated propagator which isn’t necessary, but it will speed up the rooting process.