Blazing Hot Apache Chilli Chutney

Yes, another chilli recipe! Yesterday I found that some of the bramley apples I had stored in the garage really needed using up. In addition, there was a full bag of Apache chillies left in the freezer from last year where the whole of this year’s crop had also been squirrelled away. I decided to make another batch of Chilli preserves – this time a super hot one! This would use up all the apples and frozen chillies. Warning this is very hot. The fumes pretty much knocked out most of our house-hold whilst cooking. However, if you like a very hot chutney – similar in style to those red Indian style chutneys you get an Indian restaurants then this could be for you.

I often use a food mouli (mill) to process apples without all the faff of peeling and coring! This is alot less faff!

Add Apache chillies (A good 500g here) to a pan and cover with 500ml of malt vinegar. Bring to the boil, then blend in a good food blender/smoothie maker and put through the fine mesh on the food mouli. This extracts all the seeds and flesh and leaves the highly flavoured vinegar to add to the chutney.

Add another 500ml vinegar, 2kg of sugar, 2 large jars of roasted red peppers (could use fresh and roast yourself, but I have run out!), add 2 tbs cumin powder, 2 tsp salt and 2tsp black pepper. Blend with hand blender. Simmer to reduce by 1/3 of the volume and then bring to a rolling boil for 5 minutes to help with a set.